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Your publication in a rich e-edition format. The vEdition (e-paper, e-edition, flip) is a simple and profitable digital publishing solution that is designed to increase engagement by having eye-catching format, intuitive navigation and a lot of enrichment. This easy-to-use platform is trusted by over 1000 brands.

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Your very own digital library. The vKiosk is a white label micro-site dedicated exclusively to your brand, that is designed to centralize, archive, organize, and share current publications and back-issues. vKiosk can help generate even more revenue with a dedicated place to display your inserts and supplements.

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vEditions, an improve platform to evolve with you

Offer your readers a new, responsive interface that’s fully compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Use the admin console to manage your publications independently, without the need for programming or tech support.

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