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We assist publishers to build new audience and to turn content into revenues.

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Partnering with Virtual Paper enables you to create an engaging reading experience for your users, maximize your audience, measure readership behavior, and monetize your online content.

Engaging User Experience


Our digital publishing solutions are simple and intuitive, which makes for an easy, pleasant user experience. vEditions are a faithful reproduction of the original format, therefore, they answer your readers’ need for security and familiarity.

Rich Media

While reflecting the brand image, readers are now able to discover more content on various devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. With a whole host of rich content features and interactivity, you’ll be able to keep them captivated and engaged – the key to profitability.


Quick and intuitive, Virtual Paper digital publication solution delivers unparalleled performance. vEdition, vApp and the vKiosk can all be set up or modified quickly via the user-friendly online Management Platform, giving you full, autonomous, real-time control.

Expanded Distribution

Generate More Touch Points

The multi device compatibility as well as the vKiosk generate more touch points between your readers and your content and by doing so, increases your readership and create a loyal audience.

Virtual Paper’s flexible ecosystem is especially effective at providing powerful push distribution tools by email, the kiosk, social medias or your own proprietary platform.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Accessible on any computer or iOS (Apple) and Android platforms, our digital media solutions are designed for quick and efficient distribution to customers. This encompassing parallel delivery system ensures that your content is distributed efficiently.

Additionally, the Management Platform gives the freedom to manage the distribution yourself in real time.

Added-Value Reporting


Our measurement tool is encumbered with industry KPI’s and Dashboard reports, which enables the gleaning of valuable insights. In fact, the statistics module, available in the Management Platform, provide you the exact number of unique visitors, visit duration, page views, referral sites and more.

Our easy-to-use analytics tool helps you generate granular reports, carry out follow-ups, and monitor how client-base and subscriptions change over time.

In order for you to evaluate and fine-tuning your strategies, Virtual Paper ensure full access to key statistics.



Far from being only a straightforward online version of your print publication, the vEdition provides a whole host of new creative opportunities where advertising space is concerned.

Advertisers can now boost the impact of their strategies by sponsoring the vEdition skin: background, loader and toolbar. They can also lift the impact of their print ads in the vEdition, by inserting video content, image galleries or hyperlinks that serve as call-to-actions.

The vEdition can seamlessly integrate to any eCommerce solution that you or your advertisers are already using. Each ad or product on display is a direct invitation to buy now.


Our virtual kiosk provides advertisers more options. It is compatible with all IAB advertising standards, and serves as a prime location for effectively promoting a brand or a product.

The vKiosk can incorporate the Transactional Module – a secure tool for selling paid publications, while managing transactions, customers, and products. Additionally, this module is available on the vApp, a native iOS application with intuitive features and functions which is in sync with the online version of vKiosk.